Card Board Wars

Kids bored on winter break? Let them battle each other with card board.

Shit That I Print

At home 3D Printing has a lot to offer but it can be hard to go through and find the right things to print. This will show you some of the shit that I print.

Cardboard War is a concept where homemade weapons out of cardboard are used for the simple pleasure of attack. We are talking shields, swords and helmets all made out of cardboard. I decided to partake in this and me and the children set out to cut out cardboard. It can be quite tedious to cut cardboard and not all of my children are old enough to be trusted with a box cutter. So what is a mom to do except print out a non-pointy cutter that can hack through cardboard! This became quite the hit and after a lot of cutting (and vacuuming) the kids were equipped for battle. Hot glue gun and duct tape are also a must when preparing cardboard weapons. Enjoy this handy little tool and let's get ready for war!

You can find Cardboard Slot Saw on Thingiverse made by 3DPartsMfg.

For more information on cool card board war ideas and what it is, you can find more info at

Card boards can also be used for halloween as this awesome Amazon Prime CNet Transformers Halloween costume shows.